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Welcome to HeliQwest International

HeliQwest is an International Helicopter Charter Company specializing in external load and specialty operations, including Seismic, Aerial Harvesting, Inspection and Surveillance, Mapping, Photography, Survey, Forest Fire Suppression, General Transport and more.

HeliQwest is uniquely separated from other helicopter companies by our environmentally friendly specialization in longline vertical reference external load techniques used in heli-portable seismic, aerial harvesting, aerial construction and other operations requiring the use of an aerial crane.

Our techniques are unique and exact. Using state-of-the-art equipment like Differential Signal Global Positioning Systems (DGPS) combined with our specialists, we can place seismic or other equipment in remote locations without the need for expensive and environmentally damaging seismic cut lines or drop zones.

With our U.S. Corporate Offices in Denver, Colorado, our customers are always well served. HeliQwest aircraft and crews travel all over North America, as well as overseas, so you the customer are not restricted by our base locations.


Our fleet of helicopters, along with our crews and maintenance programs can boast as having one of the highest utilization and safety records in the helicopter industry.


Safety and Production are the foundation and keys to our success. Our flight crews typically use 150-foot longlines and vertical reference flying techniques for most external load operations. This keeps the helicopter well away from obstacles and ground personnel with the added benefit of reduced rotor downwash felt at ground level. Whether or not your project requires the use of the special skills and techniques, HeliQwest crews will timely and safely complete your project, large or small.

HeliQwest Flight and Maintenance Crews

At HeliQwest, our flight and maintenance crews are highly trained specialists. Pilots have extensive experience with an average of over 6500 flight hours logged in helicopters. Maintenance crews are the finest the helicopter industry produces, with most having well over 12 years of experience in our industry.

The HeliQwest Fleet of Helicopters

Each helicopter has a unique personality and traits, strengths and weaknesses. Some are built to serve a primary purpose, while others are pretty good at just about everything. Each customer faces unique challenges and we’re here to help them accomplish their objectives, with a diverse range of helicopters that can meet the needs of most airlift operations.

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